A place to post and find art and design jobs


We needed this, and thought you might too.

This website is a resource developed by Renee Piechocki of Two Girls Working. LLC. We saw a need in our communities, and the communities we work in, for a low-cost website to post art and design jobs, gigs, consulting work, and volunteer opportunities  We thought if we needed it, others might too.

Only for arts and design.

Does it break your heart to search “arts job” with results like “medical arts” and “Air Reserve Technicians (ART)”? We don’t like it either. Artjob.ninja is an affordable place for non-profits and for-profits that focus on art and design to post opportunities.

If you are a ninja in need of a job, this site has ideas.

Artists welcome.

Need someone to help get a project finished in a couple of weeks? Build a crate? Or a costume?  Or a website? Post gigs at Artjob.ninja and find the help you need.

For artist opportunities, check out other resources here.


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